Are the watchers watching?

I’ve been seeing a disturbing trend on reddit (4 chan is the main center but I’m not a user) the past couple of years that started off disconcerting, and has escalated to fear.

As well I’m seeing a cycle of aggression/ anger that is tied to the news via interpersonal relationships.

What do these things have in common?

The alt right.

Alex Jones has been diagnosed with Narcissistic personality disorder, Trump is speculated to be one, Doug Ford? Most likely. And they are figureheads for a particular group of people. Mostly men, but some women as well.

I’m going to add another piece to this puzzle. In group therapy for women who have suffered domestic abuse, the partner in question could be the same guy for each different woman.

Because people like that are narcissistic abusers.

Alex Jones has made a living on taking off the charismatic mask narcissists wear, and being the angry paranoid trainwreck that most abuse survivors see behind closed doors.

Think about it.

There are people that abuse and manipulate their families with impunity, that have charisma and power. Not just power, control over the media.

Narcissists are drawn to power and attention, and will stop at nothing to gain control over something or someone in order to serve their needs.

What I’m seeing on reddit are a bunch of people that openly and vehemently hate, women, LGBTQ2, different cultures etc. People that are alluding to being armed to “protect themselves from the government”. People that will choke their spouse or beat their kids in order to gain control, and if they still can’t control them go as far as to kill them.

This isn’t limited to North America.. this is global. There are people like this around the world, politicians like this round the world and they are talking to each other, feeding off each other in dark little echo chambers on the internet.

They think they are entitled to constant adulation, and think they are superior, and everyone is here to serve their narcissistic needs and wants.

They have no empathy. Zero. No respect for law. And if you injure their ego, there is hell to pay.

So running at this again.

There is a group of people who have no empathy, that have sociopolitical power, access to each others resources, are emotionally unstable and are capable of violence to their kin, likely armed, that want power, control and adulation.

These are the Timothy McVeighs. These are ISIS guys. They’re all the same.

Are the watchers watching this?



There are countless articles on self improvement, on toxic workplaces And various other relationships in life that touch on Boundaries, they go viral, and just like any other meme eventually drown in the information haze.

We live in a society that, although very keen on pushing politically correct behavior, never address the essential boundaries that are at the basic level of the movement.

Our society has also built a multi trillion dollar socio economic institution that capitalizes on the abuse or disrespect of personal or group boundaries.

The media we consume is ever more narcissistic or codependent packaged in hypersexualized shallow constructs.

Love is a story of uncontrollable infatuation where intimacy is replaced by sex, communication with substances or abuse of some sort, and boundaries are not applicable.

Helicopter parenting, narcissist spouses, parents and children, abusive bosses and coworkers and even hr departments.

Don’t make waves, and never say no, or you won’t get a promotion, you’ll be vilified, cut off, and sent to assertiveness purgatory.

It’s toxic, it’s also unsustainable. Boundaries keep people healthy, functioning reasonably well, and generally give opportunity for all individuals to improve whatever happens to be at the core of the relationship.

But, we seem to have a real issue with boundaries, and the people who use them. I’m not sure why, maybe one day it will come to me though.

Until then, have a happy