The untapped labor market

Dear employers;

There isa massive untapped labor market that is willing and capable of working long hard hours, is resourceful, educated, tech savvy, willing and able to learn, modest, and driven to succeed and in turn help your business succeed.

But it comes with a catch.

You have to offer flexible hours and options to telecommute.

This above mentioned group is the millenial stay at home parent. The amount of posts I see on miscellaneous online forums, asking, “How can I legitimately make money as a stay at home parent?” is tremendous. The amount of MLMs targeting those same people is absurd. The women who try out the MLMs are persistent and amazing and if their abilities were to actually be harnessed in the actual job world, there could be doors opened that most businesses had no idea even existed.

Data entry, digital assistants, client care reps, design, book keeping, writing and editing, scheduling are just some of the examples of services that these people can offer. And many of them would be willing and able to wear different hats.

With the advent of remote desktop software, cloud services, team based apps for pc/tablet/phone many of them are connected over a broad range of devices and depending on the time of day and activity they are in can do small amounts of work herre and there with large blocks in the early morning, nap times, and evening.

With remote serrvices it would be quite easy as an emplyer to set up a login tracker if it isn’t alreadt incorporated into your business management software. You can track time logged and pay accordingly.

The bonus of telecommuting is less office overhead, being able to pay less as well (many people are willing to take a pay cut to be at home with flexible hours, and those same employees tend to use their time more productively, are in better moods which shows in a client care situation as well as interoffice relationships.

There may have to be a learning curve at the beginning, and there are always obstacles, but as with any business, finding ways to work together as a team to find solutions, overcome hurdles and keep the business moving forward is just how it goes.

Having children shouldn’t be a liability. Children grow up to be part of the same community that businesses serve, and will either be clients or workers in those businesses providing they keep up with the trends that the economy is facing.

Yes, things are becoming automated, and eventually most of the positions listed above will be gone, but it’s a good way to get used to not having a human sitting at a desk. The automation happens to still be a person that is elsewhere.

Okay maybe with that last statement I’m grasping at straws.

All that said, “How do I make money as a stay at home parent?”



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