Things You Can’t Find on Google ( Dear Ladies )

This is a shout out to the female persuasion today, but as always anyone is welcome, and this may shed some light on some things in adult life that we can’t seem to find answers to on the interweb tubes.

A little background: I’m a woman in her mid 30’s and I am lucky enough to have many wonderful women from different age groups and walks of life. I’ve had many opportunities to learn from wiser and more experienced women, and have been able to offer up that wisdom in a modern format to my younger peers. I’m focusing on the female experience as that is what I know, and would love to hear a male version of it as well! πŸ™‚

Many tidbits can be searched on the internet, but there are a few things that only seem to be shared when “the time is right”. These little tidbits mostly pertain to stages in life, and the things that (as a general rule) seem to come with those points.

What has instigated this is a recent development in a younger friend’s life, where she hit her “sexual prime”. for anyone who’s read about a woman’s sexual prime, it’s supposed to happen in her 40’s, so why am I talking about a woman in her early 30’s?

Growing up, I remember older women and men calling it a woman’s biological clock ticking, and then after peak, then after menopause. After going through it, and now having another friend experiencing the same thing, I have to call the world out on it.

From my experience, I found that it hit like a ton a bricks, and I was really easily emotionally stirred one month, and then the next month, it started. I found that I was always thinking about sex. I wanted it ALL THE TIME. And I’m not talking about little quickies, it got to a point where there weren’t enough orgasms, and toys didn’t cut it.

If an attractive man wandered through my life, and we had a little chemistry it would lower my intellect to about a cave woman level, and it was aggressive. I didn’t feel angry, I just wanted to either break stuff or – pardon the foul language – find someone and fuck their genitals off.


So, I like to talk about strange experiences that I go through that I can’t find resources for, and hopefully give some light for all the other people out there that may be looking for answers. I want my next blog to gor through more life milestones that really aren’t talked about in the order that I’ve experienced and also seen others go through.

We don’t like talking about women’s true sexuality, and it’s a shame.. because once I hit that milestone, it was a beautiful and interesting experience for me, and my partner, and it shouldn’t be played down, or made out to be some sort of act of desperation, it’s fun, exciting and well worth embracing and exploring. I only wish there were more resources so it wasn’t so daunting and unexpected.

Until next time,

Have a Happy! πŸ˜‰


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