What’s your secret gift to the world?

We all have so much to bring to the table, and we are all limited by many different circumstances. Some of us know that we have something to offer, but aren’t sure what it is, and others know what we have but have no idea how to present it.

It seems that more often than not I see call to take action for an overwhelming amount of things, and I wish I had the time and energy to tackle all of them, but sadly, I’m just one person. Does anyone else feel this way too?

I try to focus on the things that I know stuff about, or have experienced directly, or impending doom bills being passed through the government, but it all seems a touch inadequate, and the relentless sharing of posts on social networking may actually be putting everyone off of everything now.

Most people with some level of social intelligence are aware we need change and given the opportunity to speak on any given subject, can point out what is wrong, and even offer suggestions on how to resolve the problem. But, that seems to be where it stops.

Oddy enough in my idealistic early 20’s insteda of just ranting about things or writing a diary, I began to write letter to the editor, then letters to the local transit authority, or my local political person at whichever level that was appropriate. I would make sure the letters were less rants and more I’ve noticed, and it’s frustrating. And is there a possibility if….

Letters to the Editor sparked dialogue.

Letters to the transit authority created new bus routes where there were none, and fixed redundant routes.

Letter to politicians (civic seem to be the best) at least get answered.

So I guess my secret gift is writing to random people I don’t know asking questions, and offering solutions. I don’t care if they take my expressed one, just consider it, and then I can be excited if any changes are made that relate to what I wrote about. My little inner voice shouts yay!! I made a little change!

So… I want to know what other people’s little secret gifts to the world are, and maybe why they aren’ using them the way they would like to.

Have a happy!!


One thought on “What’s your secret gift to the world?

  1. My secret gifts: the ability to explain and do technical things in a much simpler and effective way, and to be encouraging to others. Why aren’t I using them the way I would like to? Depression primarily caused by finances paired with a lousy job that sucks the life out of me while just barely keeping my head above water.

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