We’ve all seen on our media of choice the spectacle of some random human “Melting down” in some situation in a public place. A person that for some reason reacts with irrational anger towards what seems a mild inconvenience or a trivial matter. The public watches the trainwreck unfold, and snickers, jeers and general distain for that person.

Guess what? That’s bullying. We are making fun publicly of someone that is crisis at worst, or standing by watching it with no concept of compassion at best. Where are kids learning to be assholes? From a bunch of messed up adults.

We hear about the mass murders on our back doorstep perpetrated by that “quiet guy next door” person. We also see vagrants, junkies and prostitutes, and we judge them with impunity.

How many people, young men espcially, are committing suicide on a daily basis? Think about it. 3500 anually, just below deaths due to cancer of the colon and breast. So, we do charity activities for breast and colon cancer and we do little to nothing about completely preventable death.

Sucide doesn’t end up on the news, or get properly talked about, because it’s embarrassing, and deeply painful. Survivors spend the rest of their lives questioning what part they had in the death of a loved one, constantly wondering if there was anything they could have done or not done to prevent it. They suffer in intimate silence, with no answers and minimal support.

We walk away from friends that are in crisis because we don’t understand or can’t make the time for them, and expect them to work within our framework of life regardless of whether they are capable or not (NO PRESSURE MR. ANXIETY GUY, BUT DO WHAT I TELL YOU. OR ELSE.). There is an idea that, “You don’t look sick, or injured so you must be faking it.” But in reality that internal pain is immense and uncontrollable. Medication only adjusts seratonin receptors and doesn’t change or deal with the factors that are actually causing the issues.

These meltdowns are happening in every corner of our social lives. Most are insidious and unremarkable, they are generally socially acceptable and therefore go unnoticed.
Make a list of people you know that are self medicating… including social and regular media, gaming & internet, television, illicit drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, herbal meds, etc. then, add to that list people on pharms: valium, a.d.h.d. meds, anti-depressants, anti-anxiety etc.

Then make a lit of people that do the following: over exertion (exercising too much), working to the point of self and relationship destruction, people obsessed with their looks and the modification thereof, helicopter parenting, helicopter spousing, drama instigation, eating disorders which include: anorexia, bulemia, strangely obsessive fad diets etc., and greed.

After that, we move into the realm of narcissism, codependency, spousal and child abuse, abuse of authority, over zealous religious or political ideology, megalomania, micromanagement, normalized bullying, isolation tactics etc.

These are all meltdowns, they are all signs of mental illness, and most go unaddressed regardless of the fact that it is unhealthy behaviour. We listen to talk show hosts and radio personalities jumo on the trainwreck, and wonder why children are doing it.

The tendency seems to be people are overwhelmed and feel there is a lack of personal security or control over one’s destiny, and the options are, to avoid everything through medication, control their own bodies in ways that may not be healthy, or control other people to achieve that sense of false security. When those tactics stop working, we lash out in ways that are irrational and uncontrollable, and then become a spectacle.

I’m not trying to create fear, but I am trying to point out that we are all melting down, and we are all having problems. As it stands, my fear is that there will be more meltdowns before people realize we need to slow down and take care of ourselves, and each other with compassion and moderation.


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