Moving Forward?

Are we at a nexus point in civilization? The more I learn, and the more people I meet, the more I’m inclined to believe that we are.


All too often now I hear the words, “Something has to give” after a lengthy conversation about the state of the world. It’s like we as a species are backed up to a wall and that most of us are desiring a way out of it. There are a small few that happen to have perceived power and many of them are trying to use methods that have failed in the past in order to maintain either some sort of “status quo” or, even more insidious than that, push us backwards to an idealized dark age.


The 2012 end of the world movement as with all other end of the world scenarios seems to me to be a projection of an underlying desperate wish for change. But as we are still equipped with education and life experience that has been limited by outdated indoctrination and the development of standardized education that supports the average person being taught how to function within the confines of industrialization as obedient cogs in a machine that somehow, although superfluous, has become a defined platform to which we gauge our ability to navigate as success. It seems that none of us actually feel like we belong in the system, we just happen to be situated in it.


From what I’ve noted over the years that the change human beings so desperately crave can be attributed to a wish to achieve self actualization. The average person has much more potential than being a mindless cog in an industrialized machine. But as we continue forward, most people are placed in a position where the opportunity to be the best they can be is limited by the system they are forced to conform to.


After years of railing against “The System” and talking about “Them vs. Us”, I’ve come to the realization that regardless of how I feel about it, I’m part of it, and the only way I feel I can effect change is by helping other via my words or art to inspire them to become self aware and begin the journey towards using their own strengths to move forward.


There are so many options that a person has when it comes to creating change that for the most part, people feel daunted and helpless.The people are fighting change and the shift in civilization count on that. As the last two years has gone by, around the world are beginning to fight back against the system that is for the most part not only antiquated, but unsustainable. The average person in the “Westernized World” is getting the brunt of this system and finding out how being a cog in the industrialized machine neither serves them financially for the long term, or fulfills the requisites of being a healthy, happy person.


The protests and political upheaval are just the beginning of what is to come, and until civilization learns how to create healthy, productive communities that are sustainable on every level including personal well-being, a balanced work/life arrangement, communication, environment, and access to food, shelter, and healthcare that is accessible to all people, not just the wealthy we are going to continue further down the path of the destruction of civilization as we know it.


We have the option to work towards a “Type 1 Civilization” and see it in our lifetimes, but there are many things that we need to do as a global community.