Ruminating in the Machine

We are all cogs and various pieces of a great machine that we call civilization.

Many cogs fit the machine correctly, and with little to no maintenance, will serve the machine knowing that they are doing their part. Some cogs will question their place in the machine, thinking that there must be ways to retrofit the machine, or even more drastic, wonder if there could be a completely different machine that they are better suited to.

This particular cog, a normal peon that barely gets by in life has questioned many aspects of existence within the machine, and has started to wonder if oversimplifying the machines parts and the roles within that machine could be part of the frustration that some cogs tend to experience.

Taking a step back from the machine analogy, I’m being forced to see something that had never occurred to me before. Regardless of the era in human history, there has always been a status quo,  We wouldn’t be as advanced as we are in part, because we create institutions that create a secure network of predictable infrastructures that give us the opportunity to expand past the basic survival instincts that we are equipped with.

People that feel that they don’t fit in have always existed, and in my mind actually have a vital function in society. They are the people that have propelled us forward, they are the movers and shakers, they are the architects of change and growth. But humans dislike change and awareness of fault, as it shakes the perception of security that they depend on.

Up until the last one hundred years, our institutions haven’t needed to change at any considerable level as they have for the most part, suited our needs. Most changes were caused by the questioners and rebels in society, and major upheaval in institutions was relatively infrequent.

But, due to the incredible and rapid development of technology, our institutions can no longer keep up to the changes in social fabric, which is demolishing our ability to feel secure. Many individuals, may not be consciously aware of the gravity of what is actually happening, and many others, who are naturally predisposed to question, and feel like cogs that don’t fit the machine, are clamoring to find a solution to a perceived threat that surrounds us.

Some are progressing and collaborating to find innovative ways to help humanity through terrible growing pains, and others are finding ways to move us backwards clinging ever more tightly to the very institutions that are failing. Others still are preparing for the worst and creating havens that are essentially somewhat removed from said institutions, lest they crumble completely.

I see how many people in my life are suffering as the world seems to be going through a very immense upheaval, and it breaks my heart, I want to help and inspire others who want to retrofit the machine to work better for what we are using it for, and as an introvert, I’ve struggled to find a way to help my family, friends and the community at large to feel empowered to be the change they wish for. We all deserve to find a place where we fit, and can explore our potential, and maybe we can build those places.

Thanks, and hope you keep reading 🙂